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  • All Ohio Secure Shred protects businesses and their customers by providing highly secure, on-site shredding

  • All Ohio Secure Shred helps businesses comply with HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and other federal document destruction regulations

  • All Ohio Secure Shred recycles all shredded documents

  • All Ohio Secure Shred provides services that are less costly than in-house shredding options

Shredding company, document destruction, information security, Ohio shredder, environment shred, NAID certified, corporate documents, shredded, Northeast Ohio shredders Protect your business with secure and safe document shredding. Committed to our customers and the environment. Northeast. envoirnment friendly. Northeast Ohio leader in Information Security and Document Destruction
Once the paper has been shredded it is secured in the rear storage area of the vehicle. This area is locked and can only be accessed by our service personnel. Our vehicles will hold up to 12,000 LBS of shredded documents. This is equivalent to over 350 bankers boxes full of documents! Our mobile document destruction vehicles are designed with large stainless steel shredding chambers. The chambers can hold up to 800 lbs. The large steel rotating blades are designed to exceed industry requirements with a maximum cut size of 5/8” random shred. This is accomplished without sacrificing speed as our vehicles will shred over 6000 LBS of secure documents per hour. The shredding chamber is designed to ensure that no documents can pass through this area unless it has been shredded. A core mission of All Ohio Secure Shred is to protect the Earth through recycling. All documents that we shred are taken to a recycling facility and are pulped into new uses such as paper towels and napkins. For every ton of paper that we shred and recycle 17 trees are saved. Our service personnel are courteous and professional. They have completed extensive background screening and are CDL licensed drivers that are required to submit to random drug testing. They have completed safety and security training. They arrive at your facility in professional uniforms including picture ID badges ready to provide your organization with the service you expect.
complianceAll companies/organizations are required to properly dispose of confidential information and documents. Due to the steady increase of identity theft governments have enacted increasingly more severe fines and penalties on companies/ organizations that do not properly dispose of there confidential information and documents. In addition the local media is providing extensive coverage of organizations caught disposing of the documents improperly. DON’T LET THIS BE YOUR ORGANIZATION! The primary federal laws that regulate proper documents disposal are HIPAA FACTA.
All of our containers arrive at your facility with locks.The only individuals with keys to these containers are our service personnel and one individual that you assign within your organization. The mobile destruction vehicles are equipped with automated bin lifts. This ensures that the lid on the bin containing your secure documents is not opened until the bin is inside the shredding chamber - ON CAMERA.
Containers that we provide include : 65 Gallon Bins | 95 Gallon Bins | Office Consoles
The control center allows our service personnel to provide secure onsite shredding without handling your documents.
From the control center our customers and service personnel are able to view the entire process of lifting and empting the secure bins into the shredding chamber. All shredding that is viewed on the monitor is also being recorded onto flash video.



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1. On-Site Shredding

2. Highest Security Rating

3. On-Time Service

4. No Hidden Charges

5. Unmatched Insurance Protection

6. Certified Drivers

7. Document Recycling

8. Cost Effective Solutions


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